Can these dads dance? Jimmy Fallon performed "The Evolution of Dad Dancing" solo when he hosted NBC's Late Night in 2012. The first-time father showed off a number of new movies—and performed them with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie—during Thursday's episode of NBC's The Tonight Show.

The duo both wore khaki pants and polo shirts, with Fallon adding a mustache and wig to his costume.

Fallon, who has one daughter, and Christie, who has four children, were eager to show off their skills.

The two performed the "Belt Grabber," "Lawn Mower," "Oh, Stop It! I'm Not Embarrassing You!," "Passionate Elliptical," "Honk the Horn," "Don't Make Me Turn This Car Around," "This Garbage Can Isn't Too Full Yet, I Can Do It Tomorrow Morning," "We Think We're Doing The Same Dance, But We're Not," "You Look Great Honey, We're Late," "Dance You Do at a Springsteen Concert," "Back It Up," "We Won the Game!," "Republican Convention," "Democratic Convention" and "I Saw This Once on Dancing With the Stars (Into The Three Amigos)." Christie stormed off when Fallon performed "This Bridge Is Closed."

The former Saturday Night Live star was poking fun at the scandal regarding the closure of the George Washington Bridge last fall. Christie, for his part, has denied any knowledge or involvement in the incident.

How did Christie's performance compare to First Lady Michelle Obama's "Evolution of Mom Dancing?"

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