Sure didn't see this one coming.  

Former child star, present-day radio personality and sometime-trainwreck Danny Bonaduce announced on the air Tuesdsay that Gretchen, his wife of 16 years, is filing for divorce. 

"I really don't want a divorce. I'm heartbroken at the prospect of getting a divorce. I love her," Bonaduce, 47, told Adam Carolla during the ex-Man Show host's syndicated morning program on Los Angeles' KLSX-FM. Bonaduce joined the show in January to boost flagging ratings in the post-Howard Stern era. 

While Bonaduce likely means every word of that sentiment, his news probably didn't surprise his listeners, especially if any of them watched Breaking Bonaduce, the VH1 reality show that more or less capitalized on the title character's struggles with drug and alcohol abuse, infidelity and other forms of womanizing, rage and jealousy and the effects all those issues had on his marriage. 

Or, what a divorce lawyer might call "irreconcilable differences." 

Gretchen Bonaduce, 41, filed her petition Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, according to court documents, citing Apr. 9 as the date of their split and requesting custody of the couple's two children, six-year-old Count Dante Jean Michel and 12-year-old Countess Isabella Michaela, with visitation rights for her future ex-hubby. She is also asking for spousal support and legal fees.

Bonaduce said that he and the missus had been discussing breaking up for several months and, despite the fact that she has threatened to leave him multiple times in the past, including during the second season of Breaking Bonaduce, the onetime Partridge Family member thinks it might be really over this time. 

"There's no fight. Nobody's mad at anybody in my house," Bonaduce said. "It's been months of, 'You know, I think we'd be happier apart. I'm not happy, Danny.' But thing is, she has been friendly and helpful." 

The Bonaduces swapped vows Dec. 6, 1990, after meeting on a blind date. Literally right after meeting on a blind date, possibly. While various Websites such as Wikipedia and have the duo meeting in November 1990, Gretchen and Danny have said in past interviews that they tied the knot the day they met.  

Either way, it was Danny Bonaduce's second trip down the aisle, and presumably his quickest.

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