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    Miss USA Cops to Coke Use

    Miss USA already sobered up. Now she's coming clean.

    In her first television interview since completing her 31-day stint in a Pennsylvania rehab center, second-chancer Tara Conner opened up on the Today show, admitting to Matt Lauer that some of the more salacious tabloid tales that preceded her decision to get treatment were indeed true.

    "I have done cocaine," she said in an interview scheduled to air on Dateline this Saturday but teased on the morning show Wednesday.

    The 21-year-old Kentucky sash wearer had already copped to an alcohol addiction at a press conference last month in which pageant purveyor Donald Trump allowed her to keep her crown, provided she seek treatment.

    However, her sit-down with Lauer is the first time in which she's publicly admitted to anything more than a fondness for libations.

    Of her decision to actually tell all during the tell-all, Conner said that admitting her problem "gets it off my chest."

    "In being honest with you, at first I kind of held back on it a little bit but there's no sense in it," she said. "Luckily, the great thing about getting everything out, and being completely open and honest about things, it frees me from it. So the more I get it off my chest, the better I feel about myself."

    "It's not healthy for my recovery to sit here and hold things back."

    Her road to recovery kicked off on Dec. 21, when Conner, amid allegations of toxic partying—the lowlights of which centered around men, drugs, clubs and booze—and the threat of losing her crown, entered into Pennsylvania's Caron Foundation for a monthlong go at treatment. She checked out of the center on Jan. 21 and has since moved from her Trump Tower apartment to a smaller abode in uptown Manhattan, which she reportedly shares with a roommate: a Trump-approved minder.

    Conner, who earlier this week copped to the fact that she had her first drink at age 14, also told Lauer that despite the rocky road she's traversed in the past few months, she nevertheless wouldn't change a thing in her past "because it gave it me my future."

    While Conner's full interview won't air until Saturday, the reigning Miss USA will appear live on Today Thursday morning to answer questions sent in by viewers.

    One unlikely inquirer: Lauren Nelson.

    The 20-year-old Oklahoma native was crowned the new Miss America Monday night and while her pageant has traditionally been regarded as the more aspirational of the national Miss competitions, her crowning moment has been all but overshadowed—Trumped, as it were—in the wake of the ongoing Miss USA saga.