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The Student Who Got Into Every Ivy League School Has Officially Chosen His College

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Kwasi Enin, Ivy League
Kwasi Enin, Ivy League ABC

Kwasi Enin, the high school student from Long Island who got into all eight Ivy League schools, has finally made a decision. The hype that's been surrounding his choice is usually saved for athletes announcing their college or professional team pick, but this one was all about where Kwasi was taking his mental talents.

Kwasi had his pick of attending:

1. Brown
2. Columbia
3. Cornell
4. Dartmouth
5. Harvard
6. Princeton
7. Yale
8. UPenn

So which Ivy League school will have the honor of having Kwasi as part of their student body in a few short months?

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It's Yale! In the fall, the 17-year-old son of Ghanaian immigrants will head to New Haven, Connecticut and attend the college that was his first choice all along.

"I'm excited and proud to announce that this fall I'll become a member of the Yale University class of 2018," he said during his press conference at William Floyd High School on Wednesday. Kwasi visited Yale last week (see his Twitpic below), and attributes the campus' music scene as one big reason why he eventually chose that school.

"Everyone there was so friendly and inviting," he said. "And I believe their deep appreciation and love for music, like I have, was very critical in me deciding to go there."

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Ready for his stats?

Class Rank: 11 out of 647
SAT Score: 2,250 out of 2,400
Advanced Placement courses: 11
Career Choice: Doctor
Extra-Curriculars: Music, athletics and volunteering at a local hospital

Congrats, Yale! You did it! You got Kwasi!

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