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    Lindsay's Luggage Off the Lam

    Lindsay Lohan and the case of the missing handbag is closed.

    Just hours after the Mean Girl reported a Hermès handbag and its pricey contents had been stolen from her luggage cart while traveling through London's Heathrow Airport, British police said they had found the purse.

    The bag was spotted in the airport parking lot by an anonymous Nancy Drew-channeling civilian,
    Scotland Yard confirmed
    to E! News Friday.

    Turns out that video footage of Lohan shot Thursday by a paparazzi team from Big Pictures aided the authorities in their search, Extra reported, prompting the actress' attorney, Michael David Heller, to issue this statement as to his client's gratefulness:

    "Lindsay wants to say a massive thank you today to [Big Pictures chairman] Darryn Lyons for handing back her bag to her today after his crew of paparazzi helped to catch the thief and return her belongings...She feels that maybe justice has been served and karma may have played a role in the return of her bag today given that the paparazzi are usually a pest to her, and today they have been a godsend."

    "[The purse] turned in by a member of the public, who found the bag on airport property," a police spokesman said. "We do not know who took the bag, and no arrests have been made...The owner has been informed that no property was taken, and the item is being treated as recovered lost property. We're pleased to report that's the end of it."

    Scotland Yard also said that the bag was been returned to its rightful owner. (The British coppers say nay to identifying people by name.)

    After the theft was reported late Thursday, Lohan's rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnick, went public to plead for the return of the bright orange Birkin.

    "She is begging for the return of the items," Zelnick said. "She doesn't care how she gets them back, she just wants her stuff back."

    Per the police report, her "stuff" included a passport, her asthma medication and "a quantity of jewelry."

    According to, the quantity was copious. The news site reported that the 20-year-old had been relieved of nearly $1 million worth of baubles, all of which were being toted around in the missing bag.

    No word on whether the emphatically nonengagement Cartier ring given to Lohan by billionaire beau Harry Morton was among the MIA jewels.

    Lohan arrived in London Thursday from Italy, where she had been promoting her upcoming film, Bobby, at the Venice Film Festival. She plays a guest at the Ambassador Hotel in the days leading up to Robert Kennedy's assassination there in 1968.