Margot Robbie


Lip gloss can get in the way of a good cheeseburger. 

And the beautiful Margot Robbie was not having that when she hit the streets for some shopping Wednesday.

Flaunting a makeup-free face and fast-food filled hand, the Wolf of Wall Street stunner palled around with a girlfriend who was also indulging her hunger with some McDonald's delicacies.

The 23-year-old actress was dressed for the damp in a black bubble jacket over a comfy cream sweater and also wore a satisfying grin as she devoured the ooey-gooey goodness.

The blonde turned brunette is truly enjoying her time across the pond.

Just days ago she posted a picturesque shot of a stormy London skyline with the caption, "Rainy days in old London Town."

She also revealed her Instagram skills are still at a novice's level, adding "#discoveringhowtousefilterswoo! #stillcanthashtag."

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