SLIM CHANCE: Kate Hudson accepting libel damages from the UK Enquirer Thursday after suing the magazine for publishing a photo of her looking too skinny, alongside a story that claimed Goldie Hawn was begging her daughter to eat more. The magazine agreed to print a public apology and to pay an undisclosed sum. And faith in the old adage "You can never be too rich or too thin" was restored.

SAY WHAT?! "I want to prove myself as an artist, as a rapper and as a human being in society who goes through everything everybody else goes through."
--Kevin Federline to USA Today, potentially setting his goals too high

GETTING HITCHED: Fred Durst announcing his engagement to Krista Salvatore, a Rhode Island native who he met over Memorial Day Weekend, according to a post on his MySpace account. We give until Labor Day.

LOVE CONNECTION: Chuck Woolery trading vows for the fourth time with a Michigan native named Kim Barnes, People reports. Apparently, that game show host's got game.

BIG NEWS: ABC News changing the name of its nightly newscast from World News Tonight to World News with Charles Gibson in order to reflect the changes that have taken place in recent months. Meanwhile, CBS News has yet to agree to Katie Couric's proposed name change for its evening newscast: The Katie Couric Show.

STILL ON: A judge refusing to dismiss a sexual harassment suit filed against Phil Spector by a former aide. Just one more situation in which he'll have to face the music--eventually.

LIVING IN A NEW SHADOW: Ashlee Simpson putting her $6 million Encino, California, pad on the market after living there for less than a year, People magazine reports. According to Simpson, the place comes with semi-famous neighbors: "You can see my parents' house," she said. No wonder she's moving.

DEFINE "STALK": Emily Leatherman, the woman against whom John Cusack obtained a temporary restraining order after claiming she repeatedly tried to contact him, denying that she was stalking the actor. She says she merely sent him two letters asking him to urge police to investigate a group of men she claims drugged and raped her in 2001. Maybe Cusack simply wasn't reading his unwanted mail carefully enough.

LICENSE TO DRIVE: Haley Joel Osmont hospitalized with a broken rib and lacerations to his arm early Thursday after flipping his car en route to his Los Angeles home. A police spokesman said the 18-year-old actor was conscious and talking after the crash. Luckily, he wasn't saying "I see dead people!" Per the actor's agent, he was "doing well."

KUDOS: Kelsey Grammer winning his first non-Frasier Emmy for voicing Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced Wednesday. The award will be presented at the Creative Arts Emmy ceremony Aug. 19--here's hoping he accepts in costume.

OUT OF CONTROL: Daniel Baldwin back in the bad publicity spotlight after crashing his car into a pair of parked cars while driving at what police estimate was 80 miles per hour through Los Angeles. Baldwin was being held in protective custody at UCLA Medical Center and could face DUI charges.

G-U-I-L-T-Y: Ex-Village People cop Victor Willis pleading no contest Wednesday to drug charges. The former artist may face a stay in the j-a-i-l.