The Good Wife


The Good Wife fans, we have this to tell you: You thought Will's death was bad? Wait until you see how everybody reacts to it. There. Will. Be. Tears.

In "The Last Call," viewers will see how Alicia, Diane, Kalinda, Cary and even David Lee deal with Will's death as they begin to realize the affect it will have on all of their lives and deal with their grief, anger and overwhelming sadness. As Josh Charles told Retta, it is worse than last week. We're talking Emmys here, people. This is raw.

What you'll need to get through The Good Wife's "The Last Call" episode:

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Wine. Probably just a bottle. Hey, if you're of age, why not partake in Alicia Florrick's alcohol of choice? Or is that tequila shots? Or scotch now, in memory of Will? Whatever your beverage of choice is, you might want to have one…even before the episode starts. You're going to have a lot of feels right off the bat. A lot.

Speaking of feelings, you're going to need tissues, too. Julianna Margulies turns in quite the performance, and then some. Just wait for the car scene. You'll see it and you'll know. Oh, you'll know because you'll be sobbing.

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Somebody/thing to hold. A pillow, somebody's hand, somebody's knee, a pet, something. You're going to need comforting.

Something to hit. A pillow, not somebody, not a pet. You're going to need to take out some aggression.

Something to eat. Froyo, with the empty cup acting as a tear-catcher after you finish eating your feelings, and M&Ms, because David Lee insists.

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