Madonna, Instagram


Like mother, like daughter.

Songstress Madonna felt like celebrating #ThrowbackThursday a little early this week, and posted an old photo of herself and daughter Lourdes on Instagram. The sweet snapshot showed the dark-haired pair hanging out by the piano, with a tiny Lourdes playing the keys as a toddler while her mama joined her.

"Let the Music Play.............She wont get away! #whydotheyhavetogrowupsofast? #rebelhearts," Madge captioned the picture. There's no date on the photo, but judging by Lourdes' size and Madonna's dark hairstyle, it seems to be around 1998, which would make her baby girl nearly 2 years old in the pic.

Her Instagram post evoked a very different emotion than Madonna's last buzzed-about photo.

While this throwback is sweet and sentimental, the icon recently shared another snapshot that didn't exactly give fans a warm feeling. The 55-year-old "Turn Up the Radio" singer shared a selfie flaunting her long armpit hair (yes, really) with fans last Thursday, writing, "Long hair...... Don't Care!!!!!! #artforfreedom #rebelheart #revolutionoflove."

Though her armpit is clearly the focus, the musician also made sure to put her cleavage on display by wearing a lacy black corset.

We'll take more throwback pictures, please.

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