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The Good Wife's Shocking Death That Changes Everything: Who's Dead and What's Ahead

The Good Wife CBS

The Good Wife just took everything you knew and loved about the show and turned it on its head. Again. Forget Alicia (Julianna Margulies) leaving Lockhart/Gardner, this was perhaps the biggest Good Wife twist ever. Major spoiler warning. Seriously, read on at your own risk.

The Good Wife killed off Will Gardner (Josh Charles).

That's one way to end a love triangle. Here's what happened: Will's client, Jeffrey (returning guest star Hunter Parrish) was on trial for murder. He was getting beaten up in holding and the evidence, well, it wasn't in his favor. Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) questioned his innocence and earlier in the episode informed Will she was going to leave the firm just as Cary (Matt Czuchry) informed Alicia he was "seeing" Kalinda. Will kept going with the case, despite the obstacles, but the pressure obviously got to Jeffrey. He unraveled. Grabbed a gun. Shot after shot rang out and Will was in the line of fire. But there weren't enough bullets left for Jeffrey. Kalinda and Diane (Christine Baranski) rushed to his side, but they were too late. Will died.

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The Good Wife CBS

Meanwhile, Alicia was dealing with the investigation into Peter's (Chris Noth) potential voter fraud. Investigator Nelson Dubeck (guest star Eric Bogosian) deposed Alicia and showed her new video of even more election rigging. Another surprise. The shooting happened while Alicia was at a correspondents' dinner. Kalinda and Diane both tried to grab her. After Kalinda eventually got Eli (Alan Cumming) on the phone and told him, he handed the phone off to Alicia. "Hello?" she said. Fade to black.

"Every moment has been a pleasure. We'll more than miss you. With all our gratitude, Michelle & Robert." The Good Wife co-creators Robert King and Michelle King tweeted at Charles.

"The pleasure has been all mine. I've learned so much working with both of you & I'm in awe of your talent & storytelling," Charles responded.

For years The Good Wife viewers were divided into camps, primarily Team WIll or Team Peter in terms of Alicia's romantic interests. An old college flame, Will hired Alicia after Peter's scandal. Will took Alicia, then an unexperienced lawyer returning to the work force after years away raising her kids, under his wing and she blossomed. The romance between the two sparked, blossoming for much of season three. However, the two ended things…for the most part and Alicia left the firm essentially to get away from being around him all the time.

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The Good Wife CBS

In a preview for the remainder of the season, viewers saw Alicia and Diane comfort each other, Michael J. Fox return as Louis Canning, Kalinda break down and Peter and Alicia argue over Alicia's grief over Will's death. Fox's Louis Canning comes in to Lockhart/Gardner and proclaims "I'm the new Will." It doesn't sit well with Kalinda.

Stay tuned for more on The Good Wife's game-changing twist.

The Good Wife airs Sundays, 9 p.m. on CBS.

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