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Los Angeles Earthquake Makes News Anchors Slightly Overreact on Live TV—Watch Now!

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Earthquake, KTLA Chris Schauble, Megan Henderson
Earthquake, KTLA Chris Schauble, Megan Henderson KTLA

You already know by now that we here in Los Angeles tend to overreact when it comes to environmental happenings.

Temperature drops below 70 degrees? Snowmageddon.

It rains for longer than three hours straight? Tsunami.

Earthquake that registers 4.4? Duck and cover!

To be fair, it's definitely better to take precautions during an earthquake, but the reaction from the KTLA team when the quake hit their live broadcast on Monday morning keeps making us laugh, even after the fifth viewing. 

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We think it's because of the way Chris Schauble's eyes bug out of his head when the room starts shaking. A second later, both he and his co-anchor Megan Henderson have hit the deck. That's probably a good move, because who knows how secure that set is?

Our personal favorite part of the video is when the camera pans out and shows the empty chair on the left hand side still swinging around, because whoever was in it must have peaced the eff out of there instantly.

Watch the video below, and prepare for some Chris Schauble Panicking memes today. 

But at least Chris and KTLA have a good sense of humor about the situation. He even made the brilliant stillscreen of his shocked facial expression his profile picture on Twitter.

In comparison, this is how CBS' news team reacted when they felt the earthquake:

And to round out the rest of the local news reactions, here is the Fox news team. The earthquake actually looks most dramatic on their live broadcast:

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