Jimmy Kimmel, LA Weather


Leaves rustling! Hair blowing! Temperatures as low as 50 degrees! Cats and dogs living together! Mass hysteria! It must be winter in Los Angeles.

Jimmy Kimmel showed that Los Angeles is a town full of weather wusses when it comes to chilly temperatures by showing a video montage of the local news stations covering the recent cold snap. If you were to just go off their TV packages, you would think Southern California was about to fall into total anarchy, complete with raiding of North Face stores and a shortage of slouchy knit caps.

"Whenever the weather in L.A. drops below 70 degrees, our local news stations go nuts," Kimmel said before reminding the viewers that everything in the video was real (save for some body parts). A quick recap of the montage in case you don't want to watch the video and you're one of them reading types (nerd!):

-There were breezes strong enough to ruffle hair
-It could have snowed if the temperature dropped
-Oranges that were tinier than usual were found on the ground
-Leaves were blowing
-There were some clouds
-There was some wind
-People were "cold"
-Someone in town for business only brought a windbreaker and thus was very unprepared for the weather. This one is especially frightening as we all know there are no stores in Los Angeles that sell coats, sweaters and other related cold weather apparel.

Watch the video below, and if you're located in Canada, Minnesota, New York or some other very cold area, as Los Angeles residents we just want to apologize for this. Now excuse us while we go put on another infinity scarf to go with our fingerless gloves because it's COLD.

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