Get ready for a SXSW edition of Jimmy Kimmel's hilarious Lie Witness News segment!

Kimmel sent his fake news crew to the 2014 SXSW festival in Austin this week to interview some over-enthusiastic music lovers about fictional bands playing at the annual gathering.

"Do you think Neil Patrick Harassment has a chance of breaking out into the mainstream?" a female producer asks one woman at the fest. She hilariously answered, "I definitely think so. They have a pretty good sound, so I like their music a lot. It's pretty entertaining."

The producer followed up, "Are they as good as the, sort of, very controversial band What the F--k, Bruce Jenner?"

"They're right on point with them," the fan replied, "I think they have a lot of working up to do. I mean, they have a great following so I think they can make it up to that point."

The producer asked another SXSW-goers about the fake female DJ Heavy Flow and her album The Toxic Shock Experience (LOL!). Other fictional music acts that "fans" loved included DJ Costco, Willie Nelson Mandela, Tonya and the Hardings and their album Sorry About That, Nancy, DJ Cornmeal, I'm Not Down With the Salad, Vegan Bikini and DJ Metamucil.

Watch the ridiculous SXSW Lie Witness News video for yourself!

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