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Teen Wolf: 5 Things to Look Forward to in Tonight's Epic Episode

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We're getting dangerously close to the end of what has been a very rough season for us Teen Wolf fans – particularly for those of us who have a complicated relationship with bugs. We've tackled nearly every emotion in the book as Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) abandoned the role of comedic sidekick for one of both villain and damsel-in-distress, and we're unfortunately well aware that "one hero will fall" before the end of the season.

Could it be Stiles, unable to be saved from the demon fox inhabiting his brain? Is it someone else, caught in the crossfire? Is it a twist you won't see coming? Or maybe a deceptive play on words? Obviously we'll never tell (and you don't want to know), but what we can do is give you a few things to look forward to in tonights episode, titled "De-Void," when Stiles and the Nogitsune take their fight to a whole new terrifying level. 

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1. Bugs: Particularly flies. Flies are generally gross, but they're especially gross when they're flying in and out of ears and open wounds.  You know, as they do in your nightmares. Our heeby-jeeby-prone brains are not particularly loving this season's theme of demons made of bugs, but we will admit that it makes for some wonderfully creepy television. Remember when this show was about a teenage boy turning into a werewolf and playing Lacrosse? Those were fun times. (Side note: Lacrosse will return in season 4!)

2. Romance! Several of the show's couples will share some tender moments this week...though they may actually be much less tender than they seem. And which couples are they? As if we'd tell you. Everyone should just be really wary of flies (we're not kidding about this fly thing) and friendseven if they're very close friendsshowing up unannounced. But really, there are some cute romantical moments here to distract you from some of the pain and strife of the rest of the episode.

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Teen Wolf MTV

3. Internal conflict! As you might be able to guess from the title, tonight's episode puts quite a bit of time and energy into saving Stiles from the Nogitsune and from "Void Stiles." Does it work? You'll have to watch to find out, but trust us when we say that things are getting very serious up in Beacon Hills. The obvious cure that everyone keeps encountering is that to kill the Nogitsune, Stiles must also be killed, but most of his friends are not about to let that happen. 

4. Acting! This week shows off some serious acting chops from pretty much everyone and even includes some cast members' personal proudest moments. You may have caught a glimpse in the promo of Derek going a little crazy on Mr. Argent. "Crazy" is a side of Derek we don't often see and Tyler Hoechlin says it was just as much fun to do as it is to watch. "It was really the first time that Derek ever really just let loose and didn't follow any kind of rules or anything. To really go in and just kind of let everything go was really fun."

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Plus, Derek's not the only one who loses his mind a little bitand we're not just talking about Stiles. There's not a lot of sense to be made here, but there are a lot of makeout sessions, fight scenes, and general badassery that make this one of the craziest episodes we've seen so far in 3B, which brings us to…

5. WTF moments: You've seen some of them in the trailer, like Nogitsune Stiles seemingly stabbing himself in the stomach, or Derek threatening to set Mr. Argent on fire, but you haven't seen nearly all of them. Things get legitimately insane to the point of activating your gag reflex, and we'll just say that the Oni aren't the only things with a habit of creepily crawling out of the floor. Ugh. 

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Really, you're not going to want to miss this, as if you would ever miss an episode of Teen Wolf anyway. Not only is "De-Void" one epically bonkers hour all on its own, it provides your last few moments of mild comfort before the show changes forever. That's right. You heard us: forever. Of course, as Tyler Posey put it, "It will still be Teen Wolf," but it will definitely be a different Teen Wolf.  

With only three episodes left in season three, it makes sense that the stakes are getting higher and the scenes are getting nuttier, and it looks like they're going to stay that way if this episode is any indication. Plus, we've got confirmation from creator Jeff Davis and about half the cast that the finale is one crazy piece of television: "People are going to wonder where our heads were at."

Yeah, because we don't wonder that already.

Teen Wolf airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV.  

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