The Oregon Zoo uploaded footage of their new lion cubs "playing" outside for the first time with their dad, Zawadi Mungu. The video is kind of like an alternate version of The Lion King where Simba is triplets and his father is Scar. Because Mufasa would never.

"Playing" mostly just consists of Zawadi roaring at his cubs and looking otherwise pissed.

Lion Cubs, Oregon Zoo

Then again, he's not a murderer, like Scar. And doesn't seem like he's always an a-hole, also like Scar. So maybe it's more like The Lion King: 16 and Pregnant. He's just not ready to give up his lifestyle of motocross to be a dad.

"Zawadi Mungu ventured outside with his trio of energetic cubs for the first time," Oregon Zoo says. "And demonstrated a surprising tolerance for a flurry of pint-sized attacks on his mane, tail and patience."

Lion Cubs, Oregon Zoo

If you say so!

"The cubs rushed him as soon as they saw him," an Oregon Zoo keeper revealed of their first meeting, which took place last week. "At first he was surprised but as time passed he grew more patient. A few days later, he was grooming them."

Whether dad decides to man up or not, the good news is that the little girls, named Kamali, Zalika and Angalia, are adorable. And in other good news, their mom, Neka, seems to like them:

[H/T Laughing Squid]

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