This baby polar bear has already been through more than most human people experience in their whole lives: His mother gave birth to three cubs, but he was the only one who survived the first 48 hours. Then he too became sick and needed to be under 24-hour watch from the Wildlife Heath Centre.

But now he is four months old and absolutely thriving. The only thing left to do is name him!

The Toronto Zoo, where he lives, asked people to vote on their favorite name for the cub (from a list that included the likes of Lorek and James and Stirling). Over 14,000 people voted, and the baby polar bear himself has finally revealed his name...

Polar Bear


According to the zoo, the name means "peaceful warrior" and "was originally derived from the Germanic elements "hun" which means "bear cub," and "frid" which means "peace").

Humphrey has also been given an Inuit name, Piujuq, which means "good and nice." It will act as a middle name, more or less, so that his official name is Humphrey Piujuq Bear (we assume that's his last name. Isn't that every bear's last name?)

In other Humphrey news, he has now joined his mom and dad, Aurora and Inukshuk, and aunt Nikita, in Toronto's Tunra Trek. Which means you can go to the zoo and see him for yourself!

"You may catch him playing in the snow or inside his den, however he is still only three months old, so he requires a lot of sleep and usually naps after he has had some playtime," the zoo says on its site.

It continues, "Because of this, we ask everyone to understand and respect his much-needed naps when visiting." (We ask that every nap, whether taken by a baby polar bear or otherwise, be respected. Naps are important. We love naps.)

If you can't make it to Toronto, here are adorable videos of Humphrey in the snow:

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