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What Would Your Name Sound Like if John Travolta Said It at the Oscars? Find Out Now!

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Last night, John Travolta couldn't say enough nice things about "the wickedly talented, one and only Adele Dazeem." Then Adele Dazeem sang her hit song "Lent It Slop," and it was truly moving! And then the song, from the movie Froggzep, won the Oscar for Best Original Song! What a night for Adele Dazeem!

Who the f--k is Adele Dazeem?

Idina Menzel. But while introducing her, Travolta fudged her name (or something? We really have no idea what happened there) and called her Adele Dazeem. Wondering how Mr. Travolta would pronounce your name at the Academy Awards? Use our name generator to find out!

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There isn't an exact science to finding our John Travolta pronounced name, and it differs from name to name. But here's a phonetic alphabet to find a rough approximation of what Travolta would roughly approximate your name is.

Spell out your name using the letters below, then smush it all together until it's something you can actually pronounce out loud that might sound like a real name (though sounding like a real name is not required). Voila, your John Travolta name. 

A few rules of thumb:

For double vowels and double consonants, drop one.

Feel free to add a "P" to the end.

If it doesn't make sense, that's the point.

A - Switch to another vowel (A, E, I)

B - "ST"

C - "B"

D - "ART"

E - "EERS"

F - "H"

G - "GR"

H - Omit.

I - Switch to another vowel (A, E, I)

J - "J"

K - "J"

L - Move in front of the letter before it.

M - "L"

N - Omit.

O - "ORT"

P - "SP"

Q - Omit.

R - "DD"

S - Move behind the letter after it.

T - "TZ"

U - "ILT"

V - "M"

W - "OO"

X - Omit.

Y - Omit.

Z - "SS"

John Travolta would call me the wickedly talented Jort Storteers. It's an honor just to be nominated. 

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