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Save One Show

Every show deserves a second chance.

On the long road to salvation in our annual Save One Show tournament, 17 network series have fallen...but they aren't completely out of the competition just yet.

That's right, one lucky TV show will join the three remaining series (Shout-out to fans of Beauty and the Beast, Dracula and The Mentalist!) in the penultimate round of voting!

So if you've been losing sleep over your favorite show getting knocked out early, this is your chance to make it right!

The 17 series up for rejoining the competition?

Almost Human and Revolution, who made it to the Top 5 before being eliminated.

Also reentering the Save One Show tournament are comedies Community, Enlisted, The Mindy Project and Trophy Wife, as well as the following dramas: The Carries Diaries, Chicago PD, The Following, Grimm, Hart of Dixie, Hawaii Five-0, IntelligenceNashville, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Parenthood and Revolution

Voting in the wild card battle closes Wednesday, March 5 at 5 p.m. PT and only one show will get to go up against the Top 3 shows when the penultimate round kicks off on Thursday morning. Remember to spread the word to your respective fanbases by using the #SaveOneShow hashtag on Twitter.

Now get to voting!