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    Kerry Washington Talks Insecurities and Gaining Confidence: My Imperfections Are Actually a Gift

    Kerry Washington, NAAC Awards Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for NAACP Image Awards

    She may be the face of Neutrogena, but Kerry Washington isn't 100% confident with her looks.

    The Scandal star opened up to DooBop for their beauty icon series and explained how she experiences "moments of insecurity", just like everyone else.

    When asked how it feels to be labeled perfect, Washington said, "I think you're wrong! I think it looks that way. But the reality is we all have nerves…We all wonder at times 'What am I doing here? What is going on?' But if I said to myself I'm only going to show up, or speak or be visible when I'm perfect, I would never get out of bed."

    She added, "I [show up] to be of service and to be used for something greater. It's about knowing what I am in this moment is what I need to be. And going for it. The imperfections are actually a gift."

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    The pregnant actress also addressed one of her biggest beauty risks to date.

    "It took me forever to allow my makeup artist to do bright red lips! Sometimes it takes someone saying to you, 'Do you know how beautiful your lips are? You should try wearing red lipstick,'" she said.

    "You can learn how to embrace your own unique beauty, celebrate your unique gifts and then have confidence around them."

    And despite being nervous about making bolder choices with her makeup, Washington admitted that she often times finds comfort in the unknown.

    "I gravitate towards things that scare me. I feel that's where I'll grow." 

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