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Save One Show


Round one is about to close and your favorite show needs you now more than ever!

Save One Show 2014 is officially underway and thousands of you have already voted in an attempt to save one network series from cancellation. And while some shows are racking up some serious support (Beauty and the Beast is in the lead with over 20 percent of the votes!), other series are on life support and in need of some serious support from their fanbases. So break out your rally hats, stretch your fingers and grab a refreshment or two 'cause you've got some work to do!

Remember, you can vote as much as you want up until 5 p.m. PT tonight (Thursday, Feb. 20), with round two set to kick off with the 15 remaining shows tomorrow! And make sure to spread the word to your fellow fans on Twitter, using the #SaveOneShow hashtag.

Five Shows in Danger of Being Eliminated (At Time of Publish)
The Carrie Diaries
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
The Following

Five Shows With the Most Votes (At Time of Publish)
Beauty and the Beast
The Mentalist
Almost Human
The Mindy Project