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Imagine Dragons Dishes on Jay Z's Big Compliment and Their "Terrifying" Beatles Performance

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The bandmates of Imagine Dragons are still in awe over their Grammys experience.

"The Grammys were incredible…it was wonderful to work with Kendrick [Lamar—we're big fans of him--so that was really cool," frontman Dan Reynolds told E! News at the Bud Light Hotel Friday night.

But, it was their experience off stage at the awards show that really blew them away, when celebrities they admire wanted to meet them.

"The crazy thing for us was after getting off stage we were walking around backstage, having people like Steven Tyler come up to us and want to shake our hands," bassist Ben McKee said. "Quentin Tarantino complimented us on our performance. It's just so bizarre to know that these people saw us play."

Drummer Daniel Platzman recalled a particular moment backstage with Beyoncé, saying, "We were still covered in the red dye and Beyoncé's wearing a pristine white dress [approaching us] and we were all like ‘we don't want to ruin your dress, keep your distance, but thank you.'"

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In one of Reynolds' favorite moments at the Grammys, the "Drunk in Love" crooner's hubby, Jay Z, told the band their performance was his favorite of the night.

"That for me was an amazing moment, because I've listened to Jay Z since I was a little tiny toddler, and he's incredible," he said. "He's iconic and one of the greatest rappers alive. So, to even meet him but to even know he enjoyed the performance…I think all of us just feel very humble, very grateful…we're just trying to keep our heads down and stick to the music."

Although the indie rock band's show with Lamar met with rave reviews, the Imagine Dragons band mates all said it was their performance at the Beatles Tribute Monday night that was the "most terrifying" experience they've ever had in their lives.

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Imagine Dragons, Bud Light Super Bowl Party Alex Reside

"That was the most nervous I've ever been in my life," Reynolds said. "We performed a Beatles cover right in front of Paul and Ringo."

The "Radioactive" crooners, who went on to put on a stellar show as hosts of the Bud Light Hotel's "Pandora Presents" party, will head to Saturday Night Live next and finish up their "Night Visions" tour in March.

Check out the video above for the full interview!

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