Zac Efron


If Zac Efron seemed slimmer during his That Awkward Moment press tour, it's because he was.

The 26-year-old actor revealed that an accidental injury led to unexpected weight loss during a Thursday, Jan. 30, appearance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live. "I actually broke my jaw," Efron said, confirming E! News' exclusive scoop from November 2013. "I was running through my house and I slipped and fell on my face."

"Let me start over, because the story starts kind of cool," the movie star continued. "I have a fountain in my house. That's kind of dope, right? So I was running through and slipped on water and hit my chin on the fountain in my house. It's not a big fountain, but it's a fountain in my house."

Efron's younger brother took him to the hospital, where the actor got his "jaw wired shut" for a month and a half. "It was pretty gnarly," the single star said. "I was drinking foods solidly for six weeks—only liquid foods. It sucked...I lost, like, 10-12 pounds."

The actor, who completed a stint in rehab in 2013, is feeling great. "I'm in the best place I've ever been. I've never been this happy before," he said during a Jan. 21 Today interview. "Things are good."

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