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The GIF Awards Now Exist, and Obviously There Are Some Serious Snubs

Party Hard GIF

Well, obviously a GIF awards show exists. Welcome to the Internet. Things are pretty weird and awesome here.

The GIFY Awards is exactly what it sounds like: a competition to find out the best GIFs of the year (yep, this will be an annual thing). There are 12 categories, ranging from Animals to Can't Look Away, and while there are some truly great GIFs nominated (Oprah giving away bees and President Barack Obama unable to get into a door on loop are two of our personal favorites), like any awards show, there were snubs. Egregious, egregious snubs!

Here are the top GIFs in each category that totally should have been nominated:

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GIF of the Year

No Fabulous Llama? Terrible oversight.

Art and Design:

GIF of the Year

What's the point of having an art category without this one of Mona Lisa expressing serious disproval? 

Can't Look Away:

GIF of the Year

While Miley Cyrus (and Nicholas Cage) makes an appearance in the Mashup category, we think that this GIF straddling the line between Can't Look Away and I Can't Look Directly at It should have been included. Or any GIF from her VMA performance.


GIF of the Year

Yep, there's a Cats category separate from the Animals category because this is the freakin' Internet. Where is the love for this creepy couch-dancing cat? Fun fact: Our friend loves to send us this GIF every couple of days just to remind us that evil does exists! 

Film and TV:

Parks and Rec GIF
GIF of the Year

No Parks and Recreation and no Sherlock? These awards are now irrelevant. 


GIF of the Year

While the Doge meme on loop nominee made us laugh until we cried (but we think we might be loopy from all the times we typed Justin Bieber's name today), we have to wonder why this GIF mashing up Mean Girls and Harry Potter wasn't included.

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Nature and Science:

GIF of the Year

This one probably belongs in Film and TV but…whatever. It's Channing Tatum.

News and Politics: 

GIF of the Year

No Obama kicking down the door?! Ridiculous. 


GIF of the Year

Does this category mean the best reaction GIF to use in certain situations? Or does it mean the best GIF of people reacting to something? Did that question make sense? Well, this popcorn GIF is a must-have for anyone who loves to watch fights over the Internet.


GIF of the Year

Mark Sanchez being tackled by a butt from his own team for all the awards!


GIF of the Year

C'mon! What's not to love?

GIF of the Year:

GIF of the Year

That Oprah bees GIF will be hard to beat, but we think this reverse cotton candy GIF should at least have a chance.

Any other snubs you guys can think of? And don't forget you can vote for the top GIFs of the year! You aren't a true Internet-er unless you vote.

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