Oscars 2013: The Best GIFs (Yes, Jennifer Lawrence, You Definitely Made the Cut)

Adele was adorable, Sandra Bullock couldn't open an envelope and more wonderful Academy Awards moments

By John Boone Feb 25, 2013 7:02 AMTags
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We're not sure if you've heard yet, but Jennifer Lawrence fell while walking to the stage to accept her Best Actress Oscar. The Internet gasped! And then quickly went to GIF it.

But that wasn't even Jennifer's most GIF-able moment of the night, really. We actually prefer this moment during Seth's ode to boobs.

She can do no wrong. And now she's Oscar Winner That Can Do No Wrong.

Elsewhere, Sandra Bullock couldn't open an envelope. She wasn't the only one.

If we were that envelope, we would've been intimidated looking at those biceps (look at those biceps!) and just opened ourselves.

Meanwhile, Quvenzhané Wallis was as adorable as ever every time the camera cut to her.

Is there any way she can still give her acceptance speech? Just for fun? We just really want to hear it because we have a feeling it might even be more adorable than...

Adele's! But maybe not.

Because Adele is the most adorable ever! Which increases exponentially as she gets more and more misty eyed, apparently. "And my man, I love you, baby," she said. We love you, Adele, we say.

Next up: Adele wins a Tony! Stay tuned.

People seemingly enjoying the night far less: Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen.

This was during the Les Misérables section of the night's tribute to musicals.

Perhaps, (a) Deep down, they knew that Jennifer Hudson should have just continued going after "And I Am Telling You" and performed "I Dream a Dream" instead of Anne Hathaway.

Or (b) Norah Jones stole Helena's soul.

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Do you see it?!

But no one was having as bad a night as Joaquin Phoenix.

No one.