Joel McHale, Community


Well, we know who Joel McHale is rooting for at the Super Bowl.

The Community actor recently stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres show and gushed about his hometown team.

"It's very stressful," he said of watching them play. "I love the Seahawks and it's hard for me to sit still to watch the games."

When asked how he handled the game against the San Francisco 49ers, he said, "It was more stressful than being awake during surgery."

The E! star also revealed that he's going to attend this year's big game after a pal of his invited him.

"I don't know if I can handle it is the problem," he shared. "I'll be in the stands going, ‘Don't you know how many years this has taken?!'"

He added, "They've been twice, they lost before…But this year they will win because I made a deal with God."

McHale then graciously accepted a hawk costume from Ellen DeGeneres and even posed for a photo with her while wearing it.

And it looks like he's not the only famous fan of the Seahawks.

Macklemore was spotted last year hanging out in the team's locker room with none other than Will Ferrell.

Most recently, the Grammy-nominated rapper and musical partner Ryan Lewis performed at the NFC Championship Game, posting several pictures of himself with teammates in the locker room afterward. (And we already know he likes baseball.)

"It's very surreal. It is a very surreal experience," Macklemore said of his hometown team's big win. "I've been a Seattle sports fan my entire life, and this was by far and away the greatest moment."

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