David Beckham's H&M Underwear Super Bowl Ad Revealed—Watch the Teaser Now!

Fans can vote for a covered or uncovered version before its debut

By Jordana Ossad Jan 23, 2014 5:40 PMTags

In the biggest sporting event of the year, the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will go head to head at Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, Feb. 2, at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Oh, and there will also be an H&M commercial featuring David Beckham in his underwear during the second quarter of the matchup.

The Swedish clothing manufacturer unveiled a 30-second teaser for the sexy spot, featuring the 38-year-old soccer icon sporting his skivvies and "tantalizing views of Beckham in never-before-seen positions."

The commercial begins with the ripped retired athlete accidentally locking himself out of a photo shoot on a rooftop, wearing only a pair of his signature navy boxer briefs from his spring campaign. Poor guy!


With no way to escape, he tries to find a way back inside, which of course requires him to zipline across rooftops, scale buildings and perform tricky obstacles. And Beckham completes all of his own stunts in the process, natch.

In an interactive twist, fans can vote to see the commercial end in one of two ways—with Beckham #Covered or #Uncovered.

"It was so exciting to work with one of my favorite directors, Nicolas Winding Refn, on my new campaign for H&M," Victoria Beckham's hubby said in a statement. "Nicolas pushed me hard to create an action-packed film, which shows off this season's new heritage-inspired bodywear at its best."


A behind-the-scenes glimpse featuring Beckham and Refn was also released.

In case you forgot, the retired soccer star appeared in his first commercial for his H&M Bodywear line during the 2012 Super Bowl.

The black-and-white spot featured Beckham shirtless and only wearing a pair of white trunks or briefs. The camera pans over almost every inch of the soccer stud's bod.