Prince William, School Girl, Selfie

No need to hire a professional photographer—Prince William's got it covered! 

Kate Middleton's hubby snapped a selfie with 12-year-old Madison Lambe on Christmas Day 2013 in Sandringham, taking the picture himself for the English schoolgirl when she became too nervous to hit the button on her mom's phone! 

Per the Daily Mail, Madison was hoping Queen Elizabeth II would stop to pose for a picture with her as the royal family walked from her Sandringham Estate home to the annual holiday service at St. Mary Magdalene Church. But Madison was pleasantly surprised when her second choice, the future king, stopped by to say hello!

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"I couldn't believe it when William came over to me and I asked for a picture," she said. "He just said to me, 'You can't beat a good selfie on Christmas Day,' and took the picture."

"It was really good," she added, "I didn't expect it…He was really nice, and I was so excited. I've put the picture on Facebook. My friends think it is really good and they have been commenting on it."

Madison's mom Paula Scrupps said she "didn't really expect her [daughter] to get any pictures, but certainly didn't think she would come back with a 'selfie' with William."

He's actually not the first royal to get in on the selfie action—Prince Charles agreed to take a selfie with a young schoolboy earlier this month. "I went up to him and said if I could take a photograph of him, and then, well, I didn't wait for the body guards to push me out of the way, I just took a picture," the youngster told the U.K.'s Daily Express.

Looks like a trend is starting...How long before Prince George gets his own smartphone?

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