James Franco looks pretty in pink.

The 35-year-old actor and author Gary Shteyngart joined forces to promote Shteyngart's upcoming memoir Little Failure. The final product is a humorous trailer featuring the men as a married couple, wearing matching bathrobes.

The duo begins their exchange with a quick kiss and then launch into a conversation about the title of Shteyngart's new book. Shteyngart has just come from a meeting with his publishers (Rashida Jones and David Ebershoff) and is unhappy with their decision to name his work Little Failure.

"Look, I don't think of you as a failure," the Academy Award nominee says. "And I certainly don't think of you as little," he adds with a chuckle.

Franco then reveals that he has written his own book, titled 50 Shades of Gary: An Erotic Journey. Of course, a direct reference to E.L. James' steamy novel.

"I have a memoir coming out in January, and you, James [Franco], are going to be stealing my thunder a little bit," Shteyngart complains.

But Franco assures his onscreen hubby that it isn't a memoir, but rather an "homage."

"I want the world to celebrate our erotic journey," Franco says.


James Franco, Bathrobe, Kiss


Shteyngart also shared a snapshot of their lip-lock on his Twitter feed, along with the caption "The Kiss w/ James Franco. So powerful. So nearly illegal in Russia."

There are also some other familiar faces in the trailer: author Jonathan Franzen, Girls star Alex Karpovsky and author Sloane Crosley.

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