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Thanks, Internet: Now You Can Insert Any Picture Into This Iconic Home Alone "Woof" Scene

Home Alone, Macaulay Culkin, Girl in Frame 20th Century Fox

"Buzz, your girlfriend…woof!"

How many times have you quoted that iconic part of Home Alone to describe a moment in your life when you or someone you love (or hate) is looking a bit on the rough side? Don't lie, you do it all the time. Words hurt, you know.

But not as much as GIFs can hurt! Now thanks for, you can upload any pic into the photo frame that Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) looks at in overwhelming fear. Amuse your friends! Mock an ex-lover! Insert your boss' face and get fired! The fun is endless.

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Here is the original GIF in case you haven't seen Home Alone in a while (which is weird considering it's Christmas time) or you are some sort of alien life form and have never seen Home Alone:

Home Alone GIF

Since we love laughing at, er, with celebrities over here at E! Loves, we took this idea and ran with it. Here are just some of the GIFs we came up with after seeing this glorious website:

Home Alone Woof

Miley Cyrus twerking...woof!

Home Alone Woof

Jon Hamm's derpy face...woof!

Home Alone Woof

Lindsay Lohan in general...woof!

Home Alone Woof

Grumpy Cat is so angry...woof!

Home Alone Woof

Benedict Cumberbatch looking very un-handsome...woof!

Home Alone Woof

Mary-Kate Olsen and her boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy (and their 17-year age gap)...woof!

Home Alone Woof

Justin Bieber most of the time...woof!

Home Alone Woof

Bound 2 starring James Franco and a shirtless Seth Rogen...woof!

Home Alone Woof

Me (how meta)...woof!

Your turn! Have fun out there and try not to hurt too many feelings. Or go ahead and ruin someone's day. Either way. We endorse both situations.

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