What Does the Fox Say Light Show, Ylvis

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for MTV; YouTube

You thought Christmas was about giving, receiving and welcoming the baby Jesus? Apparently, it's about one-upping those around you, too.

Oh, you have a 50-foot inflatable snowman in your yard? Boom, now someone else has a Breaking Bad-themed nativity scene on their roof. But wait, the Johnsons next door just constructed a winter wonderland maze that leads to a pack of animatronic snowmen that sing "All I Want For Christmas Is You" on command. Well, now the Perkins family has come along to put them all to shame.

Every year people make Christmas light shows set to the song of the moment (see last year's "Call Me Maybe" spectacular), and this year it's all about Ylvis' "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)" Apparently the Fox says: "turn me into a light show so you can become a viral internet sensation for a couple of days."

The video actually is very cool, so get into the holiday spirit and take a look. And then try and outdo them with your own light show. The song we suggest is Ginuwine's "Pony."

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