Jon Stewart is clearly convinced that Jennifer Lawrence resembles a young Helen Mirren.

Of course, whether he can convince others is another story entirely.

If you recall, when the Hunger Games: Catching Fire star stopped by The Daily Show recently, Stewart showed a picture of Mirren back in the day and remarked on the similarities between the two ladies.

As Lawrence gave a perplexed look, Stewart said he brought it up because, "I don't prepare for these [interviews] very well."

Cut to Monday, Dec. 2, when Sir Ian McKellen dropped by the program.

The conversation started normally enough, with both men talking about The Hobbit movies.

And then it happened. Out of nowhere, Stewart asked, "When you were younger, did you know Helen Mirren when you were starting out with her?"

"I knew of her. She wasn't quite to my taste, Jon, I'm afraid," McKellen quipped.

When Stewart then tried to get McKellen to side with him on the whole resemblance thing, the actor simply replied, "Eh, not particularly."

Something tells us this won't be the last time Stewart will bring the issue up. Future guests, you've been warned.

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