Beware: Watching these old videos of Paul Walker is extremely bittersweet.

Friends remember the actor as "a really good guy," and that side of him is present during these flashback E! News interviews. Along with promoting his projects, Walker, who died in a fiery car crash in Los Angeles on Saturday, always appreciated the fans, spoke highly of his costars and even shared some funny tales.

During the 2003 premiere of his film Timeline, the handsome star told us just how grateful he is to have so many admirers of his work. "There are people out here who are, I guess, waiting for your arrival, it feels good. You feel appreciated, you feel loved—call it what you want," he said.

"It's also good because you think, 'Hey, maybe I'll get another movie as a result.' So long as there's fans, I'd like to think it'll keep you working. There's nothing cooler than knights and swords and all that stuff. I'm just a big kid. I love the Old West, too, but I really like this stuff."

Walker also became very close with his Fast & Furious costars, and even admitted to crushing on brunette beauty Jordana Brewster.

"I love Jordana, I mean, I had a crush on her. I'll always have a crush on her," he told E! News. "She's just such a good girl. Going back, we were little kids, you know? So I've always been really protective of her.

"Michelle [Rodriguez] is pretty rough and tumble, she doesn't wanna be taken care of, but I've grown up with these people and I think my nature is one that's…I'm protective, for sure."

It's no surprise that Walker a passion for cars and women, but when the two came together—it didn't always work in his favor.

The celeb shared a dating horror story with E! News during a Fast & Furious premiere about getting stranded on the beach when trying to pull a romantic (and illegal) move with a lady.

"Oh man, I get in trouble with cars. You know, trying to find that romantic point. I remember—this was years ago—and actually in Malibu, I went down and you're not supposed to. And I ended up getting stranded on the beach," he told us.

"I couldn't get out, deflated my tires…sittin' there spinning. Girl inside the car. I'm like, oh my gosh. I was so stressed. I call AAA. Oh yeah, the sheriff shows up for AAA. Explain that one! He was actually really cool about it, so I got off."

Walker died at age 40 on Nov. 30. The Skulls star is survived by daughter Meadow, 15.

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