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Spoiler Alert! We're about to discuss the major happenings from The Good Wife's 100th episode on Sunday night. So if you've yet to watch, be gone with your tardy self!

So who else just did a spit take at that spit take that ended the 100th episode of The Good Wife?

In tonight's milestone outing, Alicia (Julianna Marguiles) almost found herself with 12 million extra dollars after discovering that a magic-marker written will had been written by a former client (Welcome back, Fringe's John Noble!), and Lockhart-Gardner, her former firm, was desperate to prove it wasn't valid. But it wasn't Alicia who was most affected by the case it was Will (Josh Charles), who practiced questioning Alicia while remembering a very steamy balcony sex session (!), during which they (sexily) discussed Alicia's ability to manipulate the client. (She also said it's the happiest she's even been. Le sigh.)

Clearly, the firm separation isn't doing Will any favors, since he looked like he could have cried some crocodile tears when the questioning didn't go the way he had imagined. But oh what a sequence his imaginary questioning was, no? Our goosebumps had goosebumps. And our goosebumps returned once again when Will called Alicia during her party to let her know the will would be proved invalid after they found four other wills. (Oh, the Will and Alicia chemistry, it burns so good!)

Meanwhile, Kalinda (Archie Panjaba) hooked up with sexy cop Jenna (guest star Jordana Spiro) in order to get dirt on new hot Irish lawyer Damien (Jason O'Mara), but all she ended up with was some gun-related pillow talk and a nice big kiss. (Kalinda also get her flirt on with Damien while engaging in a fun car chase.)

But the big event was the Florrick-Agos holiday party. Due to the fact that no one seemed to want to come, Cary (Matt Czuchry) convinced Alicia to invite her husband-with-governor-perks Peter (Chris Noth), who brought along his mother (the always-hilarious Mary Beth Peil), campaign manager Eli (Alan Cumming), political strategist Donna Brazile (playing herself), and of course, pregnant ethics counsel Marilyn (Melissa George).

It seemed to be a successful, over-crowded party that was going swimmingly, until Marilynwho spent the episode explaining that the faint classical music everyone was hearing was emanating from her "pregnancy sound system"revealed the name she had chosen for her unborn baby boy: Peter. Say whaaa?!

Thus, the episode ended with Eli spitting out his drink (Best spit take ever? Discuss!) before the screen went black and we were left to assume the implication that we've always kind of suspected.

At this point, if Peter's not the baby-daddy, we're gonna feel very misled, in a season-one-of-The-Killing sort of way.

Line of the Night: "Sometimes I think of you as mom and other times just as this interesting person who lives in our house." Zach tells Alicia after she points out Chicago's biggest drug dealer at the holiday party

So, what do you think? Is Peter the father? Is Marilyn, the governor's in-house ethics counsel, really stupid enough to have a baby with the governor and then name it after him? How much swooning did you Will/Alicia fans do over those balcony flashbacks and all that sultry under-the-table-touching? How badly do you want John Noble on your TV all day every day?

Sound off in the comments!

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