Does Jennifer Lawrence's new pixie cut look familiar? That's because it was clearly inspired by funnylady Ellen DeGeneres.

The daytime talk show host quipped that The Hunger Games star "stole" her hair transformation, telling E! News, "People want my heart, they want my haircut…what more can I give? I give so much," and then added, "No, she has a cute haircut. I like it."

When Ellen wasn't cracking jokes about being J.Law's hair muse, she was telling us about her work with the Duracell's Power a Smile effort, a campaign partnered with Toy for Tots.

"Christmas is everything to kids. I think when you're an adult, the best thing about Christmas is the joy you get from actually seeing the joy on kids' faces and there are a lot of less fortunate kids out there that don't get toys," she told E! News.

"So, Toys for Tots is a great organization, which we've been involved with since season one. We've helped raise over $10 million worth of toys for Toys for Tots and now Duracell is recognizing the fact that there are a lot of toys that don't come with batteries and they're donating a million batteries for Toys for Tots, so it's a great cause."

The 55-year-old comic continued, "It's just fascinating to me who kids are when they're born. They just are who they are. And I love finding special talent like that. I love Sophia Grace and Rosie obviously they're amazing and you know, we don't have kids of our own. Portia De Rossi and I don't have kids. We have nieces that we see once in a while, but I love kids and I get the best of everything. I get to play with them and I get to have fun with them and then I don't have to change diapers and stuff."

Sound like a win/win!

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