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The mirror-ball trophy is ready to be held by a new champion!

With the elimination of comedian Bill Engvall on last night's show, Dancing With the Stars is down to its final three celebrities: Glee's Amber Riley, Jack Osbourne and former High School Musical star Corbin Bleu. And what a difficult choice the judges and America will have to make as all three received at least one perfect score during their final night of competition! (Seriously, how good is the talent this season?!)

E! News chatted with Amber, Jack and Corbin backstage after the show last night about their time on the ABC reality hit coming to an end. Plus, Amber tells us what she's learned about herself throughout the competition and Jack reveals why his sister Kelly Osbourne hasn't had time to give him any advice on how to handle the finals!

Amber was the only contestant to receive a perfect score for both of her final dances and after the show she told us why she got so emotional at the end of her freestyle with partner Derek Hough.

"I was just thinking about how amazing this week has been and how it's almost over," she said. "I may never get to do that number again and how much joy I felt while doing that number...of course, getting a perfect score is amazing, but for me, that was just the build-up for all the work that's been done this season. I've seen myself grow in more ways than one. It was just a pat on the back for myself, like, you did good."

Because of her time on the show, Amber admitted she's learned that she's "a crier and I didn't know that I was. I learned a lot. I learned I'm stronger than I thought I was. I learned to take a direction because I'm stubborn and pig-headed!"

But she wasn't the only celeb getting misty-eyed, as Jack also got a bit emotional after his freestyle while receiving feedback from the judges.

"Every time you do a dance, there's always one point that if you do it right, you know you nailed it," he explained. "It was the last lift because we've been having such a hard time with it all week and my back had been messed up and all taped up and I've been in a lot of pain. And it just happened. I popped her right up and was like, we're good!"

And though his sister Kelly Osbourne has been in his position before, making it to the finale of season nine, Jack tells us she hasn't given him any advice or tips, saying she's been a little busy. "She's been busy doing stuff and taking pictures with Miley Cyrus and putting them on Instagram," he joked.

Dancing With the Stars finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC.

To hear more from the contestants, including Corbin explaining his cool dance trick, watch our interviews with the final three above!

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