Jeff Perry, Scandal


Bust out your wigs because we're taking a trip down memory lane!

Aside from dropping bombshell after bombshell on us, last night's episode of Scandal gifted the world with a flashback of Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry), complete with a crazy wig and even crazier beard. It delighted us and perplexed us (and the same could be said for the show). And we were also treated to the sight of Mellie (Bellamy Young) with a simple bob, freeing her of the massive weight that is her First Lady hairdo.

Of course, Scandal is far from the first TV series to wig it out for flashbacks. The Vampire Diaries takes a few strolls down memory lane each season and New Girl never tires of showing the guys with long, stringy hair and questionable moustaches. We decided to rank the best and worst flashback coifs on shows currently on the air (Sorry, Friends and Lost fans!), including Arrow's infamous Island Oliver wig, How I Met Your Mother's '80s throwback and more. So take a look through our gallery to relive the best and worst flashback looks.

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