David Beckham

Sebastian Gabsch/Future Image/WENN.com

Who else could possibly take home the honor?!

During the 15th Annual GQ Awards, which took place on Thursday Nov. 7 in Berlin, Germany, David Beckham was present to personally accept this year's style award.

Looking as handsome as ever in a dark suit, crisp white shirt, pencil tie and a poppy for Poppy Day, which helps raise money for the British Royal Legion, the 38-year-old stud arrived at the historical city center sans his four children and wife Victoria Beckham—and posed for pics while sporting his signature sexy grin.

Becks took home the top honor for this ability to successfully bridge the gap between style and sport, as the former footballer has garnered almost as much attention for his fashion endeavors as he has for his successful athletic career.

"Like no other athlete, David Beckham represents style and fashion influence," José RedondoVega, editor-in-chief of GQ Germany, said. "With his trendsetting and sometimes daring appearances he has created a bridge between the world of design, models, and photographers, and the world of world-class sports, and brought glamour back to a male sport."

In addition to Becks, Kylie Minogue was also honored at the event, nabbing the "Gentleman of the Year" award.

Additional celebs in attendance included Kellan Lutz and Robin Thicke.

But the father of four isn't the only one in the Beckham family with an impeccable sense of style. His wife Victoria is also a designing diva with a fashion empire which reportedly earns Beck's missus $160,000 per day.

Talk about an unstoppable—and fashionable—couple.

Congrats to David on the honor!

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