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    Katy Perry Poses With Geisha Girls in Japan, Hangs With a Giant Robot

    Katy Perry, Twitter Twitter

    Forget boys. Katy Perry's one of the Geisha girls.

    In Japan on a promotional tour for her new album, Prism, the pop superstar tweeted a pic of herself all dolled up in a floral kimono costume while striking a bashful pose next to three of the traditionally shy Japanese female entertainers.

    "One of these things is not like the other," the 29-year-old Perry wrote in the caption to her 46.6 million Twitter followers.

    Of course, aside from not growing up Japanese, Katy's the only one not wearing the porcelain figurine makeup Geisha girls are known for.

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    Katy Perry REX USA/Masatoshi Okauchi/Rex

    Perry also looked happy and very relaxed during a separate photo-op, flashing some peace signs while wearing an adorable black jeweled dress and black headband.

    During the ensuing Q&A, she discussed how she did a lot of "self-reflection" in between her smash 2010 album, Teenage Dream, and making the new record.

    "I needed to go inside and do a lot of work and therapy and mending and I did," said the "Roar" singer, adding that last spring she did a "mind and body and soul" type cleanse that improved her life and helped her "live very consciously."

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    Perhaps that rosy outlook is the reason she doesn't appear to be sweating the fact that the Australian edition of Prism was recently declared a potential biohazard by authorities Down Under who are investigating the seed paper contained in the packaging, which Perry has urged fans to plant and "spread the light."

    The hitmaker's more pressing concern apparently though was the run-in she had with a giant robot on her Japan trip. She posted a twitpic of her feigning terror while caught in the clutches of the massive Transformer-like character with the caption, "Cybering!"

    Katy Perry, Twitter Twitter

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