Brandon T. Jackson

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Well, this was a flight to remember.

Actor Brandon T. Jackson was escorted off of a U.S. Airways flight yesterday after having an altercation with an attendant he claimed used racial slurs against him.

The Tropic Thunder star tweeted about the entire thing, "blogs please help me pick this up they called me the N-word and said i don't care if your Obama son us airways flight 629 attendant dee," he wrote.

"they want to escort me off the plane for her saying racial stuff i have witness," Jackson continued. "GUYS i need you help i am not going to jail for be called racial slurs please..."

The celeb continued to tweet about the incident, informing followers that he was released from questioning but wasn't allowed to get onto his connecting flight in Phoenix.

U.S. Airways offered this statement to E! News: "We've spoken with the crewmembers involved and they deny any use of the N word or racist slurs with Mr. Jackson. Customer was disruptive and our crew made the right decision to stop serving him alcohol…this is in line with federal regulations and our policies. US Airways fully supports the actions of the crew in this situation.

"Bad behavior is never tolerated onboard—by anyone. Our crews main mission is to maintain a safe operation while in the air and they do it well. The disruptive behavior started with loud music being played by Mr. Jackson at his seat. He was asked several times to turn down the music. Additional erratic behavior was observed and that is when the crew made the decision to stop serving. Once the crew determines to stop serving alcohol to a customer then their decision is final.
"This is really a case of a customer creating a disruption onboard and our crew responding appropriately. End of story."

Jackson tweeted last night, "Going to sleep what a whack day joy comes in the morning!!! God bless guys thanks for the support ...guys"

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