Miley Cyrus

Theo Wargo/WireImage

Miley Cyrus is a popular Halloween costume for people. And for pugs. And for pumpkins. 

Here are 19 pumpkins made to look like Miley Cyrus:

1. Simple. Classically carved, with all the Miley essentials: 1 wink; 1 tongue.

2. Miley's drunk bear. (Or as the knockoff costume calls it, "Furry Party Animal.")

3. A more detailed carving of Miley.

4. An even more detailed carving of Miley.

5. The most detailed carving of Miley.

6. Looks just like her.

7. Uh, looks just like her?

8. An anime twist with what looks like real hair.

Whose hair is that?

9. Bonus points for the hammer licking.

10. This "creepy" Miley pumpkin is not so creepy...

11. When compared to this Miley pumpkin that will haunt our nightmares.

Those teeth.

12. A very simple Miley pumpkin. It's all about the tongue!

13. This accidental Miley pumpkin, which is all about the tongue.

14. Twerk-or-Treat, Part 1

15. Twerk-or-Treat, Part 2

16. Twerk-or-Treat, Part 3

17. While painting pumpkins is sacrilegious to us traditional pumpkin carvers, this one truly manages to really capture the essence of Miley.

18. Miley and her wrecking ball.

19. A wrecking ball and its Miley.


Miley and Robin Thicke Beetlejuice, Halloween's perfect couple.

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