Beyoncé is quite the beach babe!

On Wednesday, Oct. 16, she Instagrammed a shot of herself and Blue Ivy gazing out at the ocean. The pretty photo, taken from behind, shows Bey wearing Daisy Dukes, a bikini top and sporting some new, super long blond hair extensions.

Jay Z's love likes to play around with her locks. In August, debuted a cute pixie cut, and with the help of her extension friends, turned that into a bob a few days later. By mid-September, however, Queen Bey's locks were long and wavy again!

She's done even more hair switch-ups since then. When the 32-year-old singer and Hov had a romantic dinner date in Paris on Sunday, Bey's tresses looked to be just around shoulder-length. That clearly didn't last too long, assuming the latest beach hair pic is current!

Beyoncé looks great with every 'do, obviously, and even managed to look glam when her hair got sucked into a fan onstage. Fortunately, those extensions were firmly in place, because flying blond curls wouldn't be a good luck—even for Mrs. Carter!

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