How did Anna Faris lose her baby weight and maintain her slim figure after welcoming son Jack last year?

Let's just say her new gig on the CBS comedy Mom sure helped her shed some pounds!

"This job, unlike other jobs I've been on, keeps me on my feet all day long," Faris recently told E! News during a set visit to the show. "I'm never in my dressing room. So I'm like running all over. Also, my dressing room's upstairs."

Anna Faris, Chris Pratt, Jack

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Another reason Faris has been staying away from fatty food is because her hubby, Chris Pratt, is away filming Marvel's new movie Guardians of the Galaxy. "But I think Chris, my husband, has been gone for a long time so it's not like we have these big, yummy dinners at night," she said. "I think in the next week, soon as Chris gets back, I'm gonna be packing on those pounds…In two weeks, I'll be able to fatten him up."

Pratt got super-ripped to play the lead in the upcoming sci-fi flick. Faris dished on her man's hot body, "It's incredibly sexy, but it think both of us love lifestyle. We love family time, and eating is of course part of that."

As for how motherhood is treating Faris, who's little one Jack turned 1 in August. "I think what surprised me maybe was how much time as a mom you spend at home, and if you go someplace, it's a big deal," she said. "Even if it's to the grocery store!"

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