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Now this is a story all about how our TV's got flipped-turned upside down, and we'd like to take a minute—just sit right there, we'll tell you all about the spoilers that are hitting the air.

Boom! Mic drop!

After you've recovered from the amazingness of our Fresh Prince of Spoiler Chat rap, read on for your daily dose of TV scoop! From a fan-favorite exit on Grey's Anatomy, to an action-packed White Collar premiere and wedding bell blues on Castle, we've got plenty of spoilers to get you TV lovers through the day.

Lana: I'm still not over Sandra Oh leaving Grey's. Do you have any idea how Cristina is going to go out?
We chatted with Sandra Oh recently at their 200th episode party, but she kept mum about details, only revealing that the whole season will be building toward her exit, so it's bound to be a big, emotional ending. If it makes you feel any better, Oh told us that she was "a mess" over leaving and needs therapy. Check back later today for our full interview with Sandra about her departure

Michael: Gimme that White Collar scoop!
OK! We just finished watching the season-five premiere (which airs Thursday, Oct. 17!) and after we were done swooning over Matt Bomer's perfection of a face, we gathered scoop to spill. Prepare yourselves for a blast from the past, because the big bad from the series premiere, aka "The Dutchman," is back! With Neil's father on the run, and Agent Peter Burke behind bars, it looks like Neil is ready to make a deal with the devil to make things right. And remember, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but a voicemail can save a man from prison.

Lacey: I'm so excited that Nashville is finally back! What's coming up for Rayna?
Our reigning queen of country is finally getting out of the hospital in tonight's episode—just in time to meet with the new head honcho at the label. While most everyone is thrilled to see Rayna out and about, there are two ladies in particular who are less than enthused by her stellar recovery. And if you're thinking that one of those women is Juliette, then we'd suggest that you start testing your psychic abilities with a couple of lottery tickets.

The Crazy Ones


Austin: I'm seriously enjoying the new CBS show The Crazy Ones! Got anything on that?
We love it too! Anything that combines Mrs. Doubtfire and Buffy the Vampire Slayer will instantly become one of our favorite things. Later this season the Robert and Roberts gang will take part in the classic corporation pastime known more commonly as a softball game. Unfortunately, Simon's back is not nearly as resilient as his spirit. One thing leads to another and the paramedics are called, but of course hilarity ensues.

Maureen: OK, you told us that Jackie will be using again in the new season of Nurse Jackie. What I want to know is if Frank will still be in her life?
Yes, sweet Frank is still around and dating Jackie, but if you think he knows about her relapse, you're out of your mind. But maybe a new addition to their family will help her get sober again?! No, not a baby. This new addition is fluffier than a baby.

Corky: Castle and Beckett are engaged and nothing hurts! When's the wedding? #CASTLE
Don't hold your breath. Molly Quinn told us that she doesn't think a wedding between Castle and Kate will happen, at least not anytime soon. She even mentioned Alexis could sabotage it! Yikes! That's it…we're officially grounding her. However, Stana Katic revealed that she could see the show taking a different direction if Castle and Beckett get married. She didn't specify if it was a good direction or a bad direction, so we guess fans will just have to wait and see what happens! Isn't that the worst?

Jessica Lange, American Horror Story Coven


Lindsey: American Horror Story: Coven hasn't even premiered yet, but I'm already obsessed! Do you have any new details to spill?
What…Huh? Sorry, we're a little distracted because we've been devoting most of our day to rewatching this amazing AHS: Coven first look trailer! We love how sensational the ladies look this year, but don't forget—there will be plenty of sexy fellas too. Evan Peters will be returning this season as Kyle Spencer, and although the details of his character are very hush-hush, we do know that he is a member of the Kappa Alpha Gamma fraternity. Oh and two new frat bros Justin and Tim will also be joining the gang by episode seven.

Dianna: Seriously?! Where is all the Suburgatory scoop?!
Woah, there, don't get your panties in a twist! We were just waiting until had a really juicy spoiler to spill. Although the premiere date of Suburgatory is TBD, we do know that George is going to be getting his flirt on with a number of new Chatswin ladies. Most notably is Nora, the owner of a dog grooming boutique who is equal parts beautiful and bitchy. Fingers crossed Dallas is having better luck in the dating department when this season returns.

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