Even before its Sept. 17 premiere, critics labeled FOX's Dads as "offensive", "reprehensible" and "morally wrong." Series star Giovanni Ribisi, however, enjoys the sitcom's cutting-edge humor.

"As much as they're ringing their bell about being offensive and all of that, the same people are laughing just as hard," Ribisi, 38, said during a Sept. 24 appearance on E!'s Chelsea Lately. "It's kind of like, what isn't offensive about it? Honestly, we're all at the point where we're like, ‘Just go f--k yourself.'"

NEWS: Why Dads is "awkward" and "offensive"

Ribisi first heard about Dads while shooting the movie A Million Ways to Die in the West with Seth MacFarlane. "He said, ‘Hey, have you ever considered doing a multi-camera sitcom show?'" the actor recalled. "I thought about it, and this was like a big commitment. It's five to seven years, possibly."

Host Chelsea Handler then quipped, "Most shows get canceled, so don't worry about it."

To find out why Ribisi was "reticent" about joining MacFarlane's TV comedy, watch the video now.

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