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21 Things You Didn't Do This Summer That You Said You Would

21 Things You Didn’t Do This Summer That You Said You Would Getty Images

Fall has officially arrived. Over the weekend, on Sept. 22, when you weren't even looking, the autumnal equinox ushered in the season of Pumpkin Spice Lattes. How did you spend the last day of summer? 

Probably not doing any of that stuff you said you were going to do. Like...

1. Finally watching The Wire.

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But then what would you have to look forward to?

2. Finally watching Mad Men.

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Just wait until it ends, then watch the whole thing.

3. Finally watching [Insert Show Here].

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You've got by not watching it this long. Can it really be that good?

4. Stop watching TV and go outside.

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Then who's going to watch the Housewives?

5. Going to the beach.

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Parking is too expensive.

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6. Going on a road trip.

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Gas is too expensive.

7. Going abroad.

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Going to Paris is too expensive.

8. Starting a summer diet.

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You tried.

9. Losing 10 pounds.

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You failed.

10. Getting a six-pack.

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Exercise is just so tiring.

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11. Trying new Pinterest recipes.

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They never turn out right anyway.

12. Grilling out more.

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Microwaves were invented for a reason.

13. Laying out more.

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Does laying out on the couch, inside, count?

14. Reading more.

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You read the Internet. Anything else?

15. Starting your novel

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Write the title. Take a four hour break to watch YouTube videos.

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16. Getting a job.

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In this economy?

17. Finding a new job.

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Nothing makes people hate their job more than summer. You could be doing anything else, but you're stuck in the office. Not making enough money. Can't someone just pay you to be you?

18. Organizing your apartment.

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Better save the spring cleaning for spring.

19. Hooking up.

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Oh...maybe you did that one. Maybe it wasn't great.

20. Falling in love.

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21. Learning to twerk.

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There's never a bad time to learn to twerk. Make this the fall of twerking.

So, what did you do this summer?

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