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Deadliest Catch Star Goes Sailing...With the Kennedys?!

Keith Colburn Discovery Channel

From Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra to Taylor Swift , we all know how Hollywood loves hobnobbing with the Kennedys, but who knew the family recently struck up a friendship with a reality television star?

The Deadliest Catch's Keith Colburn (aka Captain Keith) says he recently hung out with members of the political dynasty at their iconic beachside compound in Hyannis, Mass.

"We went on a boat, a Kennedy sailboat," Colburn told me yesterday at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. "It was badass, man."

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Colburn said Robert Kennedy Jr. invited him to visit.

"Robert is a big fisheries advocate, huge fisheries advocate," he said. "We met on a plane [and] we started talking fisheries. I do a lot politically behind the scenes, not only in the state of Alaska and Washington but things that they don't show on TV that are fisheries-related and we just connected."

Colburn was mightily impressed.

"They are the most real down-to-earth family I've ever met in my life—Bobby and Chris and Teddy Jr. and everybody," he said. "It was amazing how warm and welcoming and comfortable it was."

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Keith Colburn Discovery Channel

Rory Kennedy was also at the Creative Arts Emmys for Ethel, her HBO documentary about her mom. While she's more than happy with how things turn out with her mother's film, Rory said she has no plans to focus on her family again.

Next up is a doc on the last days of the Vietnam War for PBS.

"I have gotten some amazing interviews with people were on the frontlines," she said. "I'm really only interviewing people who were there in those final days. It's very much a firsthand account…I think it tells a part of our history that surprisingly few people know about and what went down on the ground in Saigon."

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