Josh Duhamel, Fergie

Twitter, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Relativity Media

Looks like Axl Jack Duhamel is going to be raised as a fan of both mom and dad's favorite sports teams!

Josh Duhamel tweeted a picture on Sunday, Sept. 8, of his and Fergie's "first parenting compromise"—a Miami Dolphins stuffed animal wearing a Minnesota Vikings hat! "This isn't so hard," the new dad wrote.

So Axl, who was born Aug. 29 via C-section at L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai Hospital, will root for mom and dad's favorite teams, but he won't get away with whatever he wants.

"We both grew up with regular parents and regular upbringings," Josh, 40, told E! News last month at the premiere of Scenic Route in L.A.. "We didn't get away with much, and we plan to do the same with our kid."

When asked whether he or Fergie, 38, would take on the disciplinarian role with the couple's little one, Josh said they "both have a little bit of that in us."

See, Axl's parents already have a handle on this whole parenting compromise thing!

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