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Jerry O'Connell Talks Constantly Wearing a Speedo on New Show: People Suggested "I Put a Sock in There"

Get ready to see a lot more of Jerry O'Connell than you're used to.

The actor, who stars in the new CBS sitcom We Are Men, revealed to E! News that he'll be showing a lot more skin than usual on the series since he's constantly stripping down to an itty-bitty speedo on the show.

"A lot of it is done by the poolside because we're here in southern California and I came into work the first day and there was a very small speedo in my dressing room," the star told us. "It wasn't in the script and I said, 'There's a mistake here. Obviously, you have someone who's Brazilian or South American who's going to be on our show."

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And quickly, O'Connell began to get his body ready for the scenes. "I was doing more than sit-ups. I was trying to get as much blood flowing into that area possible. I was doing a lot of grappling...No I did not put a sock in there. It was suggested to me by a lot of people to put a sock in there, so I'm going down that avenue."

The star explained that We Are Men is "about four guys who are recently or currently going through a divorce and live in temporary housing," and O'Connell, who plays a gynocologist on the show, reassured fans that he's done plenty of research to prepare for the part.

"You know my wife had twins so I think that's research enough. I was in the room when they were born. I did not look. I was too scared. I don't go with my wife to the lady doctor these days but I think I've done enough research."

We Are Men premieres on CBS on Monday, Sept. 30.

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