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The New(est) Adventures of Pippi Longstocking possibly includes having sex on camera!

Actress Tami Erin, who starred in the 1988 film version of the childhood classic, allegedly has a "hard-core sex tape" with an "unidentified penis" being shopped around, according to TMZ. Tami spoke out on TMZ Live to say she believes an ex-boyfriend is behind the sale. 

"I think he's the biggest piece of s--t on the planet for doing this to me," she says, claiming she has no idea what the video contains but that, "this was private between he and I...It was not for the public."

"I'm fighting it. I wasn't raised that way," she replied when asked how much money it would take for her to release the tape herself. "It's never going to see the light of day."

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Which means it's time to bust out our "Child Star Caught in a Scandal" Mad Libs!

Play along at home:


OH MY [  Religious Deity  ]!

You'll never believe what I just heard: [  Name of Child Star  ], you know that kid from that movie [  Name of Child Star's Movie  ], the really [  Adjective  ] kid,  well, [  He / She  ] was caught [  Verb Ending in -ING  ] a [  Object  ]!

It's true! I read it on the Internet!

[  He / She  ] must be [  State of Mind  ] to do it in the first place and now everyone knows!

I mean, I know [  Name of Child Star  ] was in trouble last year, when [  He / She  ] [  Past Tense Verb  ] that [  Person  ], but this is a new low.

[  He / She  ] tweeted about it too. @[  Name of Child Star  ] said, "It [  Was / Wasn't  ] me. I'm suing for [  Number  ] dollars and all I have to say to the haters is, '[  Lyrics From Popular Top 40 Song  ]'"

Can you believe it?  I guess now [  He / She  ] will probably be cast on the next season [  Name of Reality Show  ].


Now, fill in the Mad Lib and post your scandalous story in the comments!

DISCLAIMER: All Mad Libs are (probably) not true. They are just for funsies.

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