President Barack Obama, High School girls soccer team


We all know President Barack Obama's got game (though that might not extend to his bowling skills). He's a fan of football too, having met members of the undefeated 1973 Miami Dolphins recently at the White House.

But little did we know he's a soccer enthusiast, too!

The commander in chief surprised an all-girls junior high school soccer team in Tully, N.Y. on Friday at their morning practice and chatted them up.

According to the Syracuse Post-Standard, Obama asked them about what they did on their summer vacation and talked up his own initiative to help make college more affordable for the middle class.

"I was driving by and I thought…I'd like to kick the ball around a little bit," quipped the prez.

And that he did. After joking with one 9-year-old player who said meeting him was on her bucket list ("When you're 9, you don't need a bucket list," said Obama), he asked the girls whether they could beat the boys team, to which one replied, 'Oh, definitely.'"

After that, Obama then passed a ball around for a few seconds with some of the boys whom he met after the girls before taking pictures with both teams.

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